7 Iwagumi Style

Iwagumi aquascaping design is described through its own daring rock accumulations, classy simpleness, as well as dedication to generating an organic environment.

Utilizing rocks as the major cosmetic of the style and also minimal plants. Iwagumi aquascaping style is looked at to be one of the harder aquascaping types.

The Iwagumi aquascaping style is a part of Japanese Nature aquascaping that demands a substantial quantity of experience to carry out and also maintain.

The Iwagumi style follows a standard layout that calls for an equilibrium between open space, hardscape, and also scale in between each component of the design.

iwagumi style

Key Parts of Iwagumi Style Aquascaping Design

” Iwagumi” in Oriental translates to “Rock Formation”. Which in turn refers to the rock design, formations, and also placement describing the attributes of the layout.

Generally, the rocks in an Iwagumi aquascape serve as the construct of the entire layout.

Customarily, there are 3 rocks in an Iwagumi aquascape. Nevertheless, the aquascaper possesses the right to create his or her style based upon inclination.

Odd number is actually the key

In the Iwagumi style, the major need is to utilize a strange number of rocks. As this prevents presenting the aquascape as unnatural.

Making balance and equilibrium in an organic setting is rare and is typically evidence of human participation.

Taking advantage of a weird variety of rocks protects against the human eye from splitting the style down the mid as well as developing strange proportion.

In addition to rock style, Iwagumi style additionally makes use of fish and also plants. However to a minimum level as the aquascaper should be actually making every effort to harmonize all parts of the style to demonstrate basic serenity.

Essential Layout and also Format

In Iwagumi style, each rock in the style possesses a certain title and also part to play in the general aquascape.

While aquascapers have the ability to utilize as several odd phoned number sequences of stones. The job of each stone should correspond to the following:


Typically the biggest or even very most cosmetic of the whole style. Oyaishi is regularly used as the main feature of your Iwagumi aquascape.

As the primary prime focus of the aquarium, the Oyaishi is actually frequently angled along with the flow of water to simulate a natural waterway rock.


As in Futatsu (二つ) or even 2, the Fukuishi is the 2nd most extensive stone in your aquascape and need to correspond to Oyaishi in relation to shade, gradient, and shade.

Generally, it is placed to the left or right of Oyaishi. Fukuishi needs to act as a stabilizing piece to the Oyaishi.


The 3rd most extensive stone, its own primary function is to accentuate the beauty of the primary stone equivalents.


Plant life or even various other flora frequently deals with the smallest stone in the aquascape. Suteishi, also referred to as “the propitiatory stone.”

Although Suteishi certainly never stands up alone as a main central part of the aquarium. It still participates in an essential function in stabilizing the rest of the design.

Suggested Plants as well as Fish

Plants in the Iwagumi style are actually confined in an effort to keep the harmony of convenience with the stone developments. However, it prevails for aquascapers to utilize the benefits of rug vegetation as well as open space.

Glossostigma elatinoides, Dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis), and also Hemianthus callitrichoides are among the absolute most well-known assortments.

Fish ought to additionally symbolize a theme of minimalism and compatibility along with the rest of your design. The addition of fish to your aquascape must produce peace and lifestyle to your fish tank.

Learning fish varieties like Harlequin rasboras, Rummy nostrils tetras as well as Cardinal tetras are actually most generally utilized within this design. Avoid using self-loving shoaling fish that make inequality in the aquascape.

Obstacles of Iwagumi Aquascaping Style

Iwagumi style may appear easier to finish than various other extra well-known types. However it is quite tough to keep.

As an example, the limited choice on plants makes it difficult to possess a maintainable development process.

Vegetations used in Iwagumi are actually typically massive root feeders, making the system between substratum and water purification a challenging choice for the aquascaper.

On top of that, the aquascape is prone to algae development any time during the course of the farming of your project.


The Iwagumi style is mainly considered as some of the absolute most preferred aquascaping designs and also embodies style and beauty in the aquascaping art kind.

Although the layout may spend some time to accomplish. Completion outcome will definitely carry total satisfaction for the job put forth.

In addition, the marginal design provides a low barrier to access in relations to starting. Consequently, an aquascaper may have the capacity to get started with Iwagumi a lot quicker than the other designs that call for additional sources.

Iwagumi style is actually also definite and also varied than various other prominent designs and offers the aquascaper the opportunity to attempt a new type when reviewed to Forest or Dutch designs.

Expressing the Oriental concepts of ease as well as devoutness. The Iwagumi style is a challenging gained, yet fulfilling, aquascape.